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Locking the knee in Bikram Yoga

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What exactly does “lock the knee” mean?

In Bikram Yoga, many of the standing yoga poses are characterized by having one or both legs “locked out”.

As this concerns the knee joint (amongst additional basics of the leg) and having had an motivated knee for a while, I cogitation I’d take some time to debunk exactly what “lock the knee” in fact means.

In so doing, I hope you will ascertain a little more about what steps you can take to:

Protect your knee when “locking the knee”;Lessen the bearing of earlier knee injuries;Reduce future osteo-arthritic symptoms; andEnjoy a rehabilitated jounce in your walk as you ascertain to amplify your large leg muscles and bask the hamstring.



Hot Yoga Clothes & Bikram Yoga Clothing

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Stay tuned for a Whole New Selection of Hot Yoga Clothes !

Yoga for Male Libido Enhancement and Sexual Health

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Hey Guys! Yoga is not just for girls, in fact, practicing Yoga is excellent for enhancing virility, and sexual energy!

It’s been said that the ancient holy men and yogis of India were sexually vigorous during their lives…and they lived a long time. Yoga played a big part in keeping them sexually fit.

This Hub will advertise some very “potent” Yoga poses for men, designed to tone your sexual organs and to augment your libido. If you’re concerned about sexual dysfunction or you just want to keep your equipment primed for action, you may want to carry these poses and movements (called “Asanas”) into your regular exercise program.

Yoga is conventionally practiced for maintaining body strength, adaptability and balance so don’t be surprised if in addition to finding physically sexually primed, you find physically feeling totally rejuvenated; even devoutly transformed.

I’ve studied Yoga for about a decade and I am very familiar with all Asana’s described here. Instructions and images of each Asana come from accredited Yoga instructors counting my own. Sources are referenced at the end of this Hub after the Comments.

Please note, the exercises described here are for information purposes only and are not meant to change professional medical treatment. Before Advent any exercise program, always talk your health care professional.


MichaelPaukner_Flicker. Yoga for Male Libido Enhancement and Sexual Health Yoga.

Quick Workouts- 10 Minute Solution Pilates and Yoga Exercise DVDs

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Anchor Bay has amassed an extensive collection of exercises DVDs, their 10 Minute Solution series.  Each DVD has five workouts, and each exercises is only 10 minutes!  Each exercises is planned to bear alone for those days when you are too busy to workout.  Depending on your time and motivation on any given day, you can mix and match.  DVDs have “programmable chapters” that allows you to select up to 6 of the 10 minute segments in any order. 

Overview of 10 Minute Solution exercises DVDs Yoga.

The Yoga of Sound: Yoga Chants

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Chanting mantras is the yoga of sound. Chanting has been used for centuries as an aid to humans who seek to communicate with the divine spirit in themselves and the universe. Chanting has the bearing of raising the benchmark of vibration of the individual practicing the chant, and it can help the practitioner to be filled with peace, and feel calm and centered.

There have been medical studies that have shown that performing yoga chants can have positive reimbursement for the body. These studies have shown that when a person chants it can stabilize their base rate, abase blood pressure, arouse beneficial endorphins in the body and boost metabolic processes. Chanting causes the body and mind to bask which helps us both physically, mentally and emotionally in countless ways.

An activation chant can be used at the start of a yoga class, or the beginning of a meditation session. Using an activation chant is an effective way to help participants abase their stress and set the appropriate cherubic tone for the yoga class. Chanting can be practiced at any time of the day. You can chant coolly to yourself, chant out loud, or attend to recorded chants on CD or on a Mobile .mp3 player as you go about your day. Listening to chants can help to appease your spirit and invigorate you as you face the challenges of the day.

Closing chants are used to bear a meditation class or a yoga class to a blissful end. A chant can be the thread that ties the positive reimbursement of the work done on the yoga mat, or the meditation class to the rest of the practitioner’s life.

This is an example of a closing chant taken from the very old Sanskrit text, the Yoga Sutras:

Om Om Om

Asatho Maa Sath Gamaya

Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya

Mruthyor Maa Amrutham Gamaya.

Om Shanthi. Shanthi. Shanthi.

Now stay in complete hush for a minute.

Lokaa Samastaa Shukino Bhavanthu.

Jai Shree Sat Guru Maharaj Ki!


The English translation is:

Om Om Om

Lead me from unreal to Real

Lead me from darkness to Light

Lead me from bereavement to Immortality.

Om Shanthi. Shanthi. Shanthi. (Peace, peace, amity be to all.)

(This may be followed by a close of silence.)

May the complete world be happy.

Jai Shree Sat Guru Maharaj Ki!


You can buy recorded Yoga chants online, and present are many web sites where you can download sample yoga chants to attend ago you buy.

Because of Yoga’s very old Sanskrit roots, chants are usually printed and performed in Sanskrit, but their definition is said to be universal, as Sanskrit is the language of the heart.

Chanting or listening to chants while performing yoga poses can help to bear a sense of calm to your mind and it can open your base which will enhance your delectation of your yoga poses. Chanting is bracing and energizing to the mind, body and spirit, and it reminds us of our deep and abiding connection to the divine and to our fellow human beings when it’s done in unison.

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